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Friday, August 31, 2012

Terrorist A-Holes

As I spend my final week in the states, getting ready to head back to Saudi, my inbox is suddenly flooded with warnings about a resurgence of Al-Qaeda in the Kingdom, or at least an attempt at a resurgence...Wonderful...just what I wanted to be thinking about as I head back for my second year...Can I ask a question here?  What's the point?

Some of the more intricate conspiracy theories I've heard involve the highest levels of free world government...they involve hundreds of layers of complexity that exist solely to ensure that the 1% of the world always have more than their fair share of money, oil, women, yachts, cars and toys...these theories always involve two constant themes: Money and Power.

So, for arguments sake, lets say for 1 second that you subscribe to these beliefs...You believe that the Western Governments use their money, power and influence to "rule the world", or to keep the Eastern world in a constant state of upheaval so that they can never attain their rightful place in the world...You believe that they do this to ensure their infinite access to the worlds riches.  You believe all of this, and think killing me on video is going to make these men who run the world and deal in denominations of billions of dollars...suddenly change their mind?


You don't like US policies, so you think knocking off a few Americans who are eating at the McDonald's is going to make the power holders in the US and the western world say "oh my gosh!  we have been so wrong all this time!  It's just not worth it, were pulling everybody out of the Eastern world!"  Is that really what you think will happen?

Did it ever occur to you conspiracy nuts and potential terrorists that these "shadow men" who pull the world's strings probably care about me, as much as they care about an ant on the sidewalk?

Did it ever occur to you that there is a peaceful way?  Ever consider following the example of Ghandi?  Ever think about traveling the world making speeches?  Convincing people to change their hearts?  I don't think it did occur to you, because you're a liar, you're not after some great altruistic goal of a separate Western and Eastern world that live together in're just greedy, you want world domination as much as you claim these string pullers want it, you want all the power, all the money, all the toys...You're simply a greedy, murderous, thug who wants to get rid of the old, so that you can become the new...

Now, we all know that when it comes to terrorists, the actual trigger pullers, the suicide vest wearers, the men doing the killing and not the planning, have usually had hard lives, have suffered much, often have little formal education and have been indoctrinated by the words of charismatic men and promises of paradise in the afterlife.  Because of their lives, these men almost get a pass.  They might very well seek God's forgiveness and receive it.  They are brainwashed, and weak and as such have allowed themselves to become the tools of men, rather than the tools of God.  BUT, the men who do the planning, the men who do the recruiting, and the men who teach and preach hate...the men who cry out for Jihad...The men who have often come from influential and monied backgrounds, the men who have benefited from extensive education often in the country that they later target...These men have no excuse, they are murderous thugs of the lowest form.  They are simply Terrorist A-holes...They're greedy, power hungry, blood thirsty, pieces of crap...and they know damn well that targeting a few Westerners or a few Government officials won't change a thing, but despite that knowledge they do what they do anyway...Why?  Well because they're angry that they can't have it their way, angry that the world doesn't fit the mold they want it to.  Essentially, they're overgrown toddlers throwing a tantrum...only this tantrum involves the blood of innocents.

There will be no forgiveness for this, not in this life, not in the next. 

**Oh and BTW, this applies to all terrorists: Eco, Religious, etc...**


  1. Can't disagree with you, sir but don't forget they just not target kill western or Americans. They also blast in masjid, school parks and market place here too just cause they not happy government is alley with US.

    1. Iz, you have a good point. I guess my only question is what do they want then? What is there end goal. No more westerners? No more Americans? No more exchange programs for Doctors? No More Humanitarian aid? Or do they just want our government to pull all ties, but still provide other assistance if they want it? That sounds to me like a one sided arrangement...something we never agree to. Lets say though, that the US pulled our allegiance and backed out. I mean the stated goal of Bin Laden was all US Soldiers and Government out of all Arab lands. So if we did that, what happens then? Paradise on earth returns? Sharia spreads, and everybody lives peacefully? What about when Russia and Iran see our absence and decide to fill it with their own troops and government? I guess what I want to know from somebody is what is the long range plan of these people. If the US backs out, and is no longer an ally...what then? What do they hope to accomplish? Everybody thinks were in Saudi to steal oil, but if we just left...Iran takes over the gulf, piracy increases exponentially, Oil freighters would be armed with private mercenaries and look like war ships, all of our engineers would leave, the desalinization plant would fall apart, Saudi Aramco would be forced to abandon the refinery projects in the US and pull all of their people out of the states. Then we would continue to get our oil from our two largest suppliers...Canada and Mexico.