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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 Americans murdered in terrorist attacks...

Was the title too much?  It seems that everybody including my own Government wants to blame all this on a movie..."No it had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda calling for their followers to avenge the death of their second in command"..."No, it had nothing to do with the September 11th anniversary,"  "Oh that was just a plain black flag, it wasn't the one that Al-Qaeda likes to fly... "

According to the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, late Tuesday Sept. 11th 2012, The US consulate in Libya and The US embassy in Cairo were attacked by mobs of extremists numbering as high as 3000.  "Protestors" aka Criminals and or Terrorists...were reportedly well armed in Libya, although they seem to have had no weapons in Egypt.  Reports are that all of this started because the big bad US made a film that mocked or ridiculed the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).  Except that the US made no such film, an Israeli living in America made the film together with an Egyptian Christian who is an anti-Islam fanatic who also happens to live in America...Bullshit.  Yes folks, I know I'm not allowed to use that word here, but I CALL BULLSHIT! No way all of this was a coincidence, and everybody participating in the attack was too stupid, or too illiterate to notice the date, and its significance while they were Murdering an American Ambassador, Foreign Service Officer and two Marines all while posing for pictures!

First of all, It's a MOVIE...if you don't like it, don't watch it.  You have absolutely no right to tell other countries what kind of art or crap they can produce.  The world likes to say that America tells other countries what to about this great example?!  "We in Libya and Egypt don't like this movie, so if you try and show it around the world we'll murder people...because were so peaceful and enlightened."  In the pictures captured by the AP, one protestor holds a sign that they claim reads "I would sacrifice my soul for the prophet Mohammed"  Excuse me if I'm wrong, but isn't that a little contradictory?  Your soul?  Your life maybe, but your soul?  If you're doing something holy in the name of God and his messenger, shouldn't that protect your soul?

These attacks happened on American soil...American law says that if there is a death during the commission of a felony, the crime for all participants becomes first degree murder, punishable by death.  So as far as I'm concerned this was either a terrorist attack, an act of war or a crime.  One in which 3000 people who posed for pictures and spray painted walls, burned down buildings, desecrated the flag, raised their own flag of Jihad in its place  and thereby claimed the territory, need to be punished.  They need to be tried for murder.  All of them.  And just to be on the safe side, no more money, no more aid, NO MORE VISAS!  5 year ban on all student and work Visas!

Can you tell I'm just a little miffed?

I'm going to post a few links here to the news articles.  I'm also going to post a few pics that came from the Associated Press, I do not own them.  I will not however post the link to the video on you tube for the spoof that they claim started all this crap.  Nor will I post the pictures of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens dead body being stripped and hoisted through the crowd.
I would also like you to take note that when I used the Prophet's name, I added Peace Be Upon Him.  Because, while I'm not a Muslim, and Mohammed (PBUH) isn't my Prophet, I actually have some respect for the belief's and rights of others, unlike the inbred monkeys who committed these crimes in the name of peace and love.

This is the guy that the AP claims is holding that sign...Check out the "plain" black flag.

"I don't always murder innocent people, but when I do, I like to dress somewhere between Menudo and Michael Jackson with capri skinny jeans Yay Murder!"

"Hey this Red, White and Blue cloth wasn't important to you was it?"  Again, check out the "plain black flag"

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