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Saturday, November 3, 2012

SalsArabia baby!

I thought that title sounded better than "My dumb ass on a dance floor"

"Men don't least not real men".  Yup, used that one before.  "I came to drink", yeah used that one too.  "I'm kinda tired from work", "my feet hurt", "I'm drunk", "I have a girlfriend", "I'm pretty good, I don't want to embarrass you".  All of these excuses have either seriously or jokingly escaped my lips when the topic of dancing came up.  

I don't dance, its just not in my blood...Had life continued on as it was, this might have been my future as well as my past.  However, life didn't go on as it was.  I found myself in a foreign country, divorced, looking at my options.  I'm not rich, I'm not that good looking, (although I am slightly devilishly handsome at times).  And I live in a conservative and closed society, so I have to make the best of my opportunities.  About 6 months ago, I found myself face to face with an attractive woman, first time in months that I'd even seen one, and this one just had to be an attractive, intelligent, dancing one.  Worse than that, she wanted me to come dance with her...I'm dumb, but not dumb enough to turn that down.  So instead of turning her down, I proceeded to the dance floor and managed to step on her toes about fifty times all the while proving I know nothing about dancing. 

The topic came up again a couple of weeks ago.  I was told that when I get a Multi-Visa, we can all go to Bahrain and dance until 4am...Shit, FML, now I had a problem.  I wanted the Visa, I wanted to dance with these girls, and here I am with the same old tired excuses I've always had.  Long story short, I decided to learn to dance, no more excuses, no more bullshit, it was now or die lonely.  Maybe that's hyperbole, but then again, maybe not.   

A friend forwarded me the info for a beginning salsa class and I signed up without hesitation.  Tonight was the first night, and what a night it was!  

First of all, let me tell you that that is exercise! Holy crap!  I had no idea! Second of all I love these guys, they are awesome, high energy, fun people who really know how and love to dance!  Thirdly they saw right through my "cool guy" persona...I'm their pet project now.  They've decided that in the next month, they can make me look something vaguely similar to a dancer...maybe-IF I practice.  

Want to know the biggest problem?  This is me relaxed...yep,same guy you saw at work.  This is me relaxed, with a face that looks like either the brain is doing long division or the body is taking a shit.  Maybe both at the same time.  That's just me!  I had a great time tonight, but my face showed intensity and determination.  It showed concentration and a desire for perfection, never did it show happiness, enjoyment or passion...Apparently those things are needed for dancing...Again FML, I don't have those expressions, hell, I barely have those emotions! The instructor told me to just relax for next week, I told him that this is me relaxed, he raised an eyebrow...I said oh you mean get drunk?  He said yeah, that might help. 

I'll let you know how it goes, I paid for the month and intend on attending the entire month.  Really, I intend on attending until I have it down, even if that's 2 years from now.  If I have to look like the most technically proficient, miserable faced dancer in the world, by God I'll do it! 

One of these days I'll be chatting up a lovely woman and I'll start in on my "Indiana Jones, I've traveled the world" schtick and as the night goes on, the laughter comes naturally and the wine flows, I'll find myself saying, "why yes, I would like to dance". 

The folks at SalsArabia are great, send me a message if you'd like their info for salsa classes in the Dammam-Dahran-Khobar-Bahrain area. 


  1. Errrmmmm.. You don't like to dance?? hehehe.. Oh, I love dancing!
    Ok, to get some feelings / expressions you can start with listening some good music and try to enjoy them.. don't tell me you don't enjoy music.. :)
    Wish you all the best!

    1. Oh I enjoy music alright, I love music. I played music when I was younger for many years, I have a healthy selection of it and absolutely love it live. It's not music, or relaxing, it's just that my body doesn't always do what I tell it to, or rather I think it is but it isn't. For whatever reason, I seem to zig when I should've zaged, shimmied when I should've shaken, stepped when I should've pause, popped when I should've locked...It all comes down to looking like a fool. So instead of continuing on in such a way, I've sought out professional help!

      Thanks for the comment and the read!