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Thursday, December 15, 2011

1 month down and cranky as hell

So I hit my one month anniversary the other day, I'm starting to get the hang of things.  I know plenty of people, Saudi, Egyptians, Jordanians, Indians, Brits and of course the scourge of the world...Americans.  I'm having a great time, I love it, I love the salary, I love the adventure, I love the salary, I love the new sights and the opportunity to better mankind...I love the salary.  BUT, I miss my fucking family.  There I said it.  At home, they're all always bugging do better, think deeper, drink less, save the world with whatever time I have left after two jobs and school.  I was ready for a vacation, some time off, a break.  But I'm done now, can I have them back?  I HATE the realities of life sometimes and I want nothing more than to hear my son ask me for some gas money, my daughter bitch that I'm overbearing, my wife tell me that its time for bed, my dogs jump up on that bed and try to push me off of it while they sleep.  The sounds of my wife snoring next to me would be like music to my ears tonight.  Travel and adventure might seem like James Bond, Jason Bourne stuff but the reality is that without Mrs Bond and Mrs Bourne it isn't really worth a shit.  I had a great evening with some Western friends tonight, it should have helped me relax and made me realize all the things that are great about this place, but it really just made me lonely.  Listening to children play, husbands laugh, wives utter disapproving grunts and families make Christmas plans was like watching the hot pokers of my captors enter my forced open eyes.  Life aint easy and, God help me, neither is domesticated life.  A few times in my domesticated life, I wondered whether it was all worth it.  Wondered if I'd been shackled somehow by the constraints of "family", held back from my true purpose...I can tell you today that the thought of such things is a bunch of bullshit.  I had it, it was what it was (which is good) and I left it for money, and I get what I deserve.  The guy who gave me a ride home tonight, my "driver", Indian guy named Thomas whose driven me before, started talking about life tonight, asked if I was married, asked about kids, and what I did for a living...I was honest and then I asked him the same questions, we shared some laughs, two immigrant wage slaves enjoying a good laugh with each other...Priceless...Fuck I hate being a whore sometimes, then I remember that in the US I was just a whore of a lower status and pay grade, and being used for my brain and abilities at triple salary isn't exactly slavery or street level prostitution, it's more like...high priced "escort-ery".  Oh well, done for the night I guess, at least I had a good time and its all more than I can say for being in the US right now, 1 hour till I'm officially middle aged.  Tough night, but the sleep, when it comes, will feel good.  Love you guys,


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