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Thursday, December 29, 2011

No New Years Eve?

Ok, so in theory, booze is banned in the KSA.  (That doesn't stop Saudi's from getting it and partying all weekend, or driving over to Bahrain every weekend, or doing hash).  But for all intents and purposes, booze is "banned" in the Kingdom.  Fine, in my so far short period of observation, it doesn't look like they need it to have a good time.  So then if its not the booze that's the problem, what is it?  Why can't we celebrate New Years?  I know the calendar is different, I'm not that stoopid!  But it's not really a religious thing, and the KSA still uses the Gregorian calendar for all business purposes...but most importantly, I think all other developed nations celebrate it.  I'm sure North Korea and Iran don't, but nobody here supports those countries or political systems...It's hard to explain if you haven't been here, but the KSA is friendly to the US, sure we aren't best friends, but they're better friends to us than the French are...They really are our strongest ally in the Middle East, despite the fact that President Clinton was in the UAE and the 5th fleet is in Bahrain, the KSA is the "Strongest" US ally in the region.  More importantly, we hold certain things they need and want...Healthcare, engineering experience, consulting firms, infrastructure expertise (I know, I know its hard to believe that with the state of some of our cities and roads WERE the experts, but we are.  And, possibly most importantly, a worker who cannot be replaced in terms of intelligence, ability and work ethic. I keep trying to explain to friends in the US that the KSA does not dislike America or Americans, if anything, they're a little jealous that we can do more than they can even with all their money.  All of this is evidenced by the fact that rich Saudi's attend US Universities, their senior military officer corps is trained by the US Army, Pilots are taught by the US Navy, and fortunes are still made and money still invested in the NYSE, NY, New York.  So they don't want our religion or our policies towards women, don't want our booze but they still really like us...So what the heck is wrong with NEW YEARS! 

New Years Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays! You see, to me its undeniable proof that not only did I manage to make it another year in this crazy world, but more importantly that the world made it another year...I guess if you don't do the military or the security thing and don't travel that much, you may be oblivious to the fact that the nations of the world can kill each other a thousand times over in a span of 24 hours...Not to mention the fact that we use oil for everything synthetic that we make...everything...EVERYTHING!  And then throw it away and buy new whilst burying the old stuff in the ground like we won't eventually run out of space...and New Years to me means that we have managed to survive just one more year.  That we haven't quite killed ourselves yet...Why on Earth can't they see that here? 

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