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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Everybody's got one!

So, I've got a couple of blog posts in the oven, but they're still cooking and their really tricky recipes, so...I'm leaving em alone until I get them just right.  As you, dear reader know (Mom. Dad, Bill and a few others-all are welcome) I use this blog a lot like a diary..hmm sorry "Journal".  It doesn't sound quite so girly.  That being said, it just felt like it was time to write.  And since while I was doing some research on a few topics today, I discovered that blogs, newspapers, political websites etc...were really just a bunch of people airing their assholes...Hmm..oops I mean opinions, I thought I might air some of mine.   So without further ado..."Geoff's unsolicited opinion on stuff that seems important in the news today".

On Gun Control:
Guns don't kill people, people do, but you don't see "stupid people control" legislation do you?  Really I'm less concerned about having a weapon than I am the consequences of using it in self defense.  In the US (and were really liberal on this) the intruder has to be in your house, you have to have no way out, and you have to be in fear for your life.  Oh and you can't have had any medicines, cough syrup's, or alcohol...WTF?  If that's the burden of proof for self defense, what the hell is the burden of proof on rape?  "well you see your honor, after the unknown man penetrated me while holding a knife to my throat, I ascertained that he quite possibly did in fact intend to rape me". again WTF?

On The US Presidential race:
First of all, the whole world acts like they don't care, but they follow this like it were the World Cup, it gets better ratings OCONUS than the Olympics.  So...hahha shut up!  You love us, you know you do. 

Second of all was this all contrived by Dr. Seuss?  One guy is named "Mitt", the other is named "Newt".  This is a first graders dream isn't it? and were all just stuck in it.  Mitt and Newt?  Are you f-ing kidding me?
Knock Knock
"Who's There?"
Mitt and Newt

On The paradox of the tree hugger:
"I want the world to be natural!  Hey does anyone have an iPad power cord?  Oooh, never mind, the iPad 5 is out!  I'll just buy it!" or my favorite, "we could live like the Native Americans" except without meat, hunting or fur...have any of these people read a book?

On the occupy movement:
WTF?  Whats your point?  Is that it?  Is that the point?  Is it like Twin Peaks and I have to watch it to figure it out? (btw, I'm still confused about twin peaks)  You might have a good cause, but you look like a bunch of unemployed school shooter wanna-be's that had nothing better to do.  A day in the life of an occupy protester: "Dude what time should we make the rally for?  I dunno, but my mom said I have to mow the lawn before I leave, or she won't give me gas money"..."fucking capitalist", "yeah dude I know but don't worry man, were gonna change the world tomorrow"  "sweet, here let me hit that, lets play some x-box".  I don't know if this is you people or not, you have had an epic fail of getting your message out there...maybe that's the point though---what message.

The next morning:  "Mom!  Did you wash my Che Guevara shirt?"  "Yes honey, it's in the wash now", but mom!  It's cooler when it's dirty and I need it for the rally!  Sorry honey, you're just going to have to wear the DK shirt you have, whatever that means"  "Ahh mom, Jello's such a sellout!".

That was kinda fun, maybe more of that some other day...either way "JOURNAL" (it's not a diary!!!) complete for tonight.  Sleep soundly world.  Try not to anything too stupid OK? 

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