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Monday, February 6, 2012

Lets talk about sex!

(Note:  I lied, this post is edited, I cut it down due to removing things that I couldn't verify, deciding to completely leave homosexuality alone (because it "doesn't exist" here)  and generally trying to make sure it came across with the right amount of truth and humor...still felt it was important, still wanted to write it...

WHORE:  This word is thrown around here like it meant nothing...

What's more important?  The reasoning, the intent? or the reality of the situation?  Women in Saudi are required to be covered when in public, the intent is (from what I've been told) to protect their virtue and to protect them from other men as well as save their beauty for only their husbands once married.  This is often taken to the point that even cousins have not seen their female counterparts, that boys have not seen their aunts, or even older sisters in extreme cases.  I've also heard of a mans second wife being shielded from his children.  OK, so the intent is to protect the virtue, save the beauty, and that by covering the women, the boys will concentrate on matters of business instead of being tempted into the wicked, lustful ways of the west...yeah, yeah, yeah...Lets talk about the reality.  The reality is that the entire culture appears to be a pent up sexual powder-keg ready to blow at any minute.  Some of the "men" run around like sex crazy 13 year old boys ready to hump anything that will hold still for ten seconds, the mall cops who manage and enforce the segregation can't take their eyes off of the girls, and even though it changed in January, some lingerie shops still employ only men who stand at the door and try and entice women in... the boys follow the men on these points and learn from their fathers, older brothers and friends how to catch a peek.  So lets take a closer look at the disastrous state of sexual understanding in this country and maybe most importantly:  The "accidental" sexual objectification of women.  You can't see them because its dirty if you do...If your wife shows herself to anyone other than you she's a whore, sex is for men to enjoy and women to submit to, if she likes it she's a whore, if she doesn't like it enough, you should get a second wife, or third, or fourth because it is a woman's duty to satisfy a man...Real men have more than 1 wife.  All of the following statements are not only seemingly considered true in this society, but are much more pervasive than you might believe.  And although the polygamy thing is in the Q'uran, the rest seems to pretty much be made up and is only very pervasive in Saudi.  What this ends up meaning is that women are for sex, so when a boy has a female teacher, he spends his time thinking about sex rather than learning, when he has a nanny (often until 18) he spends his time thinking about her in a sexual way.  When he meets a doctor who is female he thinks of her as a woman to be sexually conquered, or in my case when I write a report and state that the female campus is drastically understaffed, and under-equipped and that possibly with an escort we could teach some classes for them...I'm an American sex fiend trying to get close to Saudi women...yeah that's the last time I'm bringing that one up (even if KSU is doing it too!).  My point though is that everything is about SEX!  Whoa what?  Not love, not family, not happiness or children, but SEX?  I thought that was an "American problem".  Yeah.  I call bullshit!

So, no big deal, whatever, it's not how we do it in the states (or how they do it anywhere but here), but hey, to each their own and tell amnesty international to take a flying leap.  Except for the fact that we have an even bigger problem. If all we had to contend with were the men and their dirty imaginations (which can get pretty darn imaginative believe you me!) no problem.  But no we've got something better than imagination.  We've got TV!  FM TV out of Beirut, and mainly in Arabic is like watching soft core porn, trust me I know, I watch it daily.  The video's on this channel as well as many others portray beautiful, Arab speaking (or singing rather) girls and women in the most suggestive of positions, wearing the skimpiest and sexiest outfits including push-up bras that make a Bavarian beer maid look flat chested, in videos that would make Katy Perry and Nikki Minage sandwiching Rhianna look tame.  Yes folks, that's right TAME.  TV and videos here are about lustful women in lingerie who croon on about how they need a real man to fulfill their needs...WTF?  I actually had my students translate some of the songs for me.  Does anybody else see a problem?  Saudi man's outlook:  I never see a real woman, I'm not allowed to talk to a woman, women on TV are hooked on sex and want me to come and get them...Oh shit.  Think I'm exaggerating?  today my students took their free time to ask me about EMS calls with girls.  I took them seriously, since they were serious and were genuinely perplexed.  I figured we would be talking about when to intervene without waiting for her fathers or husbands such luck.  Instead I was asked about what to do, if a woman calls 997, just because she's "horny".  I told them that first of all, that was an inappropriate question, that second of all social lives and work in our field are never mixed, and treat every patient like you would want your mother or wife to be treated and medical ethics and blah, blah, blah.  Thirdly, it would never happen, that real life wasn't some second rate porno that they watched where all the women in the world were secretly nymphos and just waiting for a chance to get you alone.  I also briefly went over the stance I take on "If I think you're going to do harm to a patient or the world, I'll find a way to fail you".  They weren't dismayed in the least, they went on and on about how I just don't understand, and that girls in Saudi are like this, they are "super horny" for a man because they are kept locked up for so long, and that the medics at the SRCA have told them about calls they went on and had sex with the girls...are you fucking kidding me?  Where do I even go from here?  Is this real?  I doubt it, I don't think its a case of twisted individuals bragging about rape, I think it's a case of twisted individuals bragging about their sexual fantasies, but still WTF????And these idiots are the same ones telling me that its the women who are "horny" (their word)..."Hello Pot!", "Oh hello Kettle", "my my kettle you sure are black today"  "Look whose talking!"

The attached pics were taken with my iPhone over a 10 minute period...If I remember correctly they mostly came from 1 video, but I could take these all day...wait...oh...damn it!  You know what I mean!

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