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Friday, March 23, 2012

Off Limit Topics...

The first and foremost off limit topic that people want to keep talking to me about...9-11 (September, 11th 2001). 

OK, once and for all, lets get this out,  It would be bad form (to say the least) for a Non-Japanese citizen to wander around Hiroshima and say wow, you can't even tell an Atomic Bomb ever fell here, or a German guy to ask a Jewish guy, "so how bout that holocaust thingy?  You think that really happened?".  I don't see what people don't get about this...I mean its a touchy subject even in America still, it will be for a very long time, maybe forever.  But, here from a non-American to an American its downright rude...and you can stick your theories up you ass for all I care.  You can discuss it amongst other foreigners all you want, but to ask someone of the nationality of the tragedy, if they think maybe their own Government or military "did it".  Is just bad form.  So lets clear up my version of events, and remember I'm a little lefty sometimes, but here it is, just so people can stop asking...

It should be noted that the latest offender of this policy was not Saudi...not Arab....and not Muslim...but was primarily not an American citizen, but would like to be...yeah, I don't think so...

9-11-2001.  A bunch of murderous assholes, got on airplanes, they took over those airplanes by force and threat of force.  Later they crashed those airplanes into easily recognizable and ideologically significant targets in America.  They killed innocent men, women and children because they thought differently than they did.  Brave men and women then attempted to rescue the survivors of the attacks and recover the victims regardless of the nationality, gender, race, sexual preference or religion.  Many of them died in the process, and many more have seriously debilitating and lasting side effects both physical and mental from the events of that day.  That is what happened on 9-11

All of the rest of it, all of the details, citizenship of the hijackers, plots, conspiracy theories, and pardon me...Bull Shit. None of that detracts from or changes the fact that the paragraph above is what really happened on 9-11.  Now do I believe as I've actually been asked: If it was a Zionist plot (called a Jew plot here)?-NO  Do I believe it was perpetrated by the CIA?-NO, Do I believe that the buildings were rigged with explosives and the planes were just decoys?-NO, Do I believe that Osama Bin Laden and the other Hijackers were undercover CIA agents?-NO, Do I believe that the US Government knew about the plot, but allowed it to happen as a pretext to "plunder the Arab world of oil and money?"-NO  "What about Rosie O'Donnel and all of the other Important Americans who think it was a conspiracy?"-Really?  NO SERIOUSLY?  REALLY?  Rosie Fuckin' O'Donnell?  The last time "Rosie" was important in America was at the lunch counter!  Her and all of the other conspiracy theorists can as far as I'm concerned crawl back down their holes, but...They are Americans, and they were there (in the US), my own logic yeah, they can question whatever they want to of those rights afforded to American Citizens.  But not afforded to foreign nationals asking an American these questions in passing as though we were discussing the weather or trading one-liners at a cocktail party...

So, now you know...hopefully we can avoid this conversation next time...And remember the key points presented here.


#1:  Assholes got on airplanes

#2:  Assholes hijacked airplanes

#3:  Assholes murdered innocent people

#4:  Heroes risked and lost their lives trying to save people indiscriminately


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