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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mexican Food!!!

I found it!  After months of looking, going stir crazy for some beans and rice and corn tortilla's, I was victorious!  Well actually two of my awesome students drove me there, but thats just details.  I'm American and therefore, I found it! (Just Kidding)

 In Al-Khobar you have two Mexican options.

#1 is the Taco Bell that is currently under construction, I am so excited about this place its ridiculous.  It's almost done, so if your reading this in the states, by the time you get your Visa and airfare, it'll be ready.  Just thinking of all those mexi-melts, 7 layer burritos, cheesy fiesta potatos, taco supreme's and churros or cinna twists waiting for me gets my mouth watering.  Then again if your reading this from the the states, you probably think that Taco Bell is shit food, and you wouldn't dare to call it Mexican.  Well let me assure you that after 5 1/2 months in the land of sand and sun, you'll shove people in to traffic to get to some Taco Bell! AND if history repeats itself, your food will be well constructed, delicious and hot.  It seems that workers (even fast food workers) here in the KSA, can read the idiot proof directions.  American fastfood and quasi fastfood like Chili's and Applebee's is a hell of a lot better here, than it is in the states.  The first time I ate at Applebee's, I was in steak and salad heaven! I figured it was just me, figured I'd been away awhile, but nope, it's held true many times over, the food is actually prepared correctly here.  Probably because the waiters and cooks here consider it a decent job, at least they're not picking up trash.  American kids are too lazy and spoiled, they think that working fastfood and restaurants is beneath them.  Not here, here its a good job, and the expat Filipino's and Indians and Bengali's do the work well.

#2 Is a little place called "La Fonda Mexican Texas Restaurant"...yeah...almost on the name, not quite, but almost.  This is where we went.  Pretty good little place, great atmosphere, set up like a typical Mexican restaurant in the US.

The Bad:  Menu's were in binders, tortilla chips weren't fresh and were thick as can be, salsa was too sweet, service kinda sucked although it was friendly.  They were out of beer.  No Pacifico, no Dos Equis, No Corona, No Tecate even!  (yuk!).  No Margaritas that I noted, not even fake ones.  Not cheap, not expensive, but not cheap.  three drinks, two appetizers and one meal was SR 130.

The Good:  Mexican Food!  Need I say more?  Food was actually pretty good, not quite perfect, but very passable.

The Ugly:  Faint sewage smell as you walked in, but then again that's just Saudi, plumbing is kinda sketchy...

Food Taste:  3/5

Food Portion Size: 4/5

Atmosphere: 4/5

Service: 2/5 Payment problem, guy tried to run my credit card twice and we argued about it for 5 minutes. 

"Mexican-ness": 2/5

Overall Rating: 3/5  Definitely worth checking out, nothing to write a blog post about though...

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