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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Read The Textbook!

Well aren't I just the belle of the ball!?  It would seem I have new found popularity in the blog world.  My blog had 20 views yesterday...all from Saudia.  I would take a guess that what that means is that one of my students while reading another blog, discovered my blog.  A few views and a few text messages later, I had 20 new visitors. 

First of all, good for you!  Reading some of the EMS blogs out there, especially the ones I read can give you a real insight into the world of EMS.  Kelly Grayson, Peter Canning, and some others can give you an insight into a lifetime of experience. 

Second of all, be careful what you read.  Even the best of you don't totally understand the English language.  It is very different from Arabic even in its structure, and is rife with concepts such as hyperbole, sarcasm, humor and others I can't remember from school.  In this sense, the textbook is much safer as it avoids these types of things. 

Thirdly, I love you guys, I really do.  meeting and getting to know some of you has been a fantastic experience.  But you penchant for cutting corners will get you or someone else in trouble one of these days.  If you really want to read something good about EMS, read the textbook!!!!!  We'll get to blogs and articles and advanced concepts later on.  Right now, just make sure you read and re-read the entire chapter the day before the lecture so that you may better understand the concepts provided. 

Remember, I have a ton of respect for you guys, not everybody can speak, read and be educated in a second language.  You're doing great things, keep doing great things.

and one last thing...READ THE DAMN TEXTBOOK!!!

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