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Friday, April 20, 2012

Student Notices

Since you guys are reading the blog these days (20 views, 26 views, 12 views so far in the last three days).  I thought I might as well just use it to post some announcements. 

Don't forget that the Deans Breakfast is tomorrow morning at 8:00.  That's right, the Deans Breakfast for students is tomorrow at 8 am.  This will be a great time for you to relax and converse with staff and students as the semester winds down. 

Remember that we will still be having lectures next week, in fact Saturdays lecture will be held upstairs in my classroom with Dr. A and Mr. G in attendance and I will be doing some of the primary lecturing.  It seems that we are getting into some topics that really combine lecture and lab together.

American Heart Association BLS training will still be held on Apr 24th and 25th

Remember that although the semester is winding down, it is not over yet.  Now in this respect, you are no different than students the world over, as summer approaches you get more excitable and it is harder to concentrate.  I understand this, but it does not change the way things have to happen.   I still have things to teach, and there is still information that you need to know.  Some of it because it will be on the test, some of it because it will be used in life.  Either way you look at it, it ain't over yet. 

To my students that went to Bahrain this weekend for your dates...yes I'm still P.O.'d at you.  Telling me Wednesday afternoon that you were excitable because you had dates in Bahrain to go drinking and dancing was a very cruel thing to do.   Yes I still intend to make your life miserable tomorrow morning!  (see that's called sarcasm for the sake of humor, did you pick up on it?  Or did you miss it completely?)

Oh and just to prove that I'm not mad at you guys about summer, my favorite pastime this weekend has been watching the Simple Plan feat. Sean Paul video for "Summer Paradise" on you tube.  Believe me, I understand the desire for summer to be here!

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