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Thursday, November 24, 2011

An American Thanksgiving in Saudi Arabia (aka Thursday)

Ancient History:
About a thousand years ago, the Pilgrims took a couple of yachts named the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria on a cruise to the vacation paradise of America.  They had some rough times, their motors went out and they had to use wind power to finish the journey.  Upon their arrival, they were famished (but impeccably dressed).  A couple of half naked Indians were driving by (they'd just come from the casino and literally lost their shirts).  The Pilgrims flagged them down and offered to trade their knowledge for the bucket of KFC and sides that the Indians had.  The Indians offered to split the bucket with the Pilgrims fearing that if they refused, the Pilgrims would get back on their boats and leave America the overgrown, animal species over-populated, drastically under served Continent that it was.  They ate, drank and used wet-naps.  2 bottles of Wild Turkey later  The decision was made to give to the Indians for their hospitality the Washington Redskins, while the Pilgrims would take the New England Patriots.  A short drive to wal-mart brought the High Def LCD TV and the game was on...And the rest is history!  (High School kids feel free to cut and paste)

Recent History:
OK, sorry I had to get my stupidity out of me.  It is only Thursday here but we actually went to the beautiful home of an American/Canadian family and enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, salad, croissants, sparkling grape juice, and stimulating conversation.  Other westerners were invited and we talked with a Welsh Gentleman from the UK whose been here for over 2 decades, teachers at the International school, one from Ghana Africa by way of Alabama, USA, and the other from Guinea maybe?  Both teach English and were very nice and welcoming people.  We learned secrets of the country, getting around and getting business done, and some of the changes that have taken place over the past couple of decades, and more importantly for me over the past 7-8 years.  Apparently until the King cracked down, this place was downright bloody dangerous in 2003  It seems any comfort can be found here, you just have to be plugged into the expat network (sounds like the underground railroad, I know).  But I have no doubt that we'll be invited to Christmas dinner at one of a number of houses, and probably find our way to a decent New Years Eve party.  Definitely going to a couple of dinners at the Embassy.  Things are going well.

Interesting Stuff:
I'm here teaching Paramedics, not working as one, BUT I kind of want to...Tonight I got unofficial approval to ride 2nd seat with another Paramedic at the SRCA on a shift.  I'm being told 10-12 calls in a 12 hour shift, very possibly heavy on the trauma mass-cal side.  I'm hearing stabbing, car accident (saw 3 today alone that would have shut down any American road for hours, here we just drive by it), lots of trauma, lots of ejections, lots of head injuries...I know I'm sick, but I think it sounds awesome! We'll have to see.  Once again the best part?  I'm overseas, making money and I don't have to cross the line into war profiteering!

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