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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Iran...Fooking Iran!"

"Iran...Fooking Iran...Iran is the source of all problems in the Arab world".  Yes that's misspelled deliberately, and although it is a word seldom heard here, that's how its pronounced when it is said. (Iran is pronounced with a soft "a" also.)  I thought it interesting, after the failed assassination attempt of theirs on a Saudi official, and with them heating up their nuclear program and the UN powerless, Israel (not a favorite here) getting an itchy trigger finger, the US and UK increasing sanctions, Russia and China decrying our sanctions as unfair.  This really seems to be the general consensus here.  The KSA is friendly to the US, although some Americans disagree, and the politics do get confusing, but I am also reminded that "an enemy of my enemy is my friend".  Another reason I like it here so far.  I'm telling you guys, it's a world apart, but it ain't that different.  Just to clarify, the speaker of that phrase is not Saudi by birth, he is from a nearby country (although it echoes the sentiments of my Saudi Co-workers, bosses and friends). 

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