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Monday, November 21, 2011

His name is Abdoullah

Prolly' spelled that wrong, who knows.  Even my students that speak great English can't spell the damn stuff.  But even though I can't spell it, I can say it!  I've learned quite a bit of the language so far, snippets here and there really, but apparently my pronunciation is good, I never get laughed at when I try, but rather get a bunch of really impressed looks...I'm not used to those, they're a little unnerving!  Back to the point though, our drivers name is Abdoullah, nice guy, who on day three has the drive mastered!  He dropped off my laundy and dry cleaning this morning, just in time too, I was ready to start recycling.  Justin and I were discussing my desperate need for a new computer, (this one was cheap 3 years ago) and Abdoullah mentioned that he knows a Dell dealer over here who will give me a good deal, sweet, i7 XPS here I come!  Think of all the non-porn site streaming I can do with that thing!

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