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Sunday, July 29, 2012

24 Hours

In 24 hours, my happy ass will be getting on a plane.  I'm scheduled to come back the first week of September, but just in case something happens and you never see me again I  wanted to say a few words about this little trip I took. 

November was my introduction to the Kingdom and Riyadh, The end of December settled me in Dammam.  I think it was April that I managed to get lucky in the right place at the right time and meet some connections that have helped add a little Western influence to my life in the Kingdom.  July brought the heat and humidity.  I've been in and on planes trains and automobiles.  I've fasted at Ramadhan, and broke that fast with some great friends.  I've run along the beaches, walked along the streets.  I've been on EMS calls and seen some of the craziest trauma I could ever imagine.  I can write the multiplication table in Arabic, I can speak a few phrases, I often eat while sitting on the floor and use my hand to do so.  I managed to lose 15 lbs of fat that needed to go and lost another 150 lbs or so that I guess needed to go her own way. 

Its been a hell of a ride, and tonight's the last night I might ever go to sleep in the Kingdom.  I'd like to make sure that anybody who reads this knows that I've seen some crazy stuff here, met some strange people and I wasn't crazy about every moment that I spent here.  But if I had to rate the trip overall, I'd say that it was pretty worthwhile.  I guess the main thing I'd like to say is thanks to all the people that made this trip bearable.  For the most part those people were either born here or have been here for a long time, so while it may seem strange to them to know how much they helped they did.  I've seen expats go running for the exits before they even made their 90 day probation period.  I've seen alcoholism, severe depression, even heard of suicide...but for the grace of God, who knows I maybe could've been one of them suffering from any of those things.  The only thing that makes me any different from anyone else was the amount of help and support I had from students, other instructors, and the staff here in Dammam.  Thanks Guys...I mean it.

So the blog will continue, especially if I make it back here, it might take a slightly different direction, but who knows.  In the next 30 days though I doubt I'll post much other than a picture of something cool I see, somewhere cool that I am, something stupid that I'm doing or something I drank too much of...maybe a few words here and there.

So, all my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!, Eike went out of the Kingdom on Iggy Pop's Lust for Life with one hell of a monologue by Ewan McGregor, I'll be dammed if I'm going out on something as weak as John Denver...hmm...How about this instead...


  1. I think I've read between the lines in this post. I hope you have an excellent trip home (or where ever).

    1. I bet you did, I'm in New Orleans right now, and am headed to Florida in a couple of days, but when I get back to Rolla lets plan a get together and chat.

  2. That was an interesting read,say hi to a new follower! :)

    1. Hi Aliza, thanks for reading! Glad to have you around. I'm currently on vacation as you now know, so I won't be posting much for a month, just pictures here and there.

  3. Ya, hello!
    On Tuesday Aug 7, I leave on my 2-wheeler, a Suzuki Bergman scooter. From Naples, Florida, I'll head up the east coast, to wherever the wind, the rain, the song (in my heart) takes me.

    What a great vacation I wish for you, Geoff, and for me! I'll ride for 2-3 weeks, then come home to paradise--but I'm excited to go. You sound the same way, happy!

    Here's to "HAPPY"
    Here's to "FREE"
    Here's to "LIVING"
    Here's to "LOVING IT ALL"

    Nice blog. Girl sent me, named Ifrah Jan (funny surname, yes?)
    Be good to others...and yourself!
    Steve E

    PS....Now WHY do you insist your comment-Peeps fill out that stupid letters and number. It does NOTHING for your security. Just bothersome. This will be my 3rd try to get it right.
    Exasperating--but I'll be back anyway.
    Take care. (I don't usually rant, just wanted ya to know!)

    1. Hi Steve, have fun and safe travels. I'll probably be headed into Florida about the same time you head out. I'm still in Louisiana right now, New Orleans is proving to be quite enjoyable, and I don't know if I've ever met a friendlier group of "normal" people. Looking at the US with a completely fresh set of eyes is awfully interesting and sure is a sight for sore eyes. If I never made it clear enough in my blog, what I missed the entire time were the people, and so far so good.

      Thanks for the well wishes, and thanks for reading. Oh and I don't require that security stuff, it must be a default setting or something. It never makes me do it!

      Keep the shiny side up and have a great vacation yourself.