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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Extra! Extra!

Every time I read the newspaper or watch online news (usually about twice a day), I remind myself to do two things in the morning when I get up.  First of all, I tell myself not to turn the news on ever again, as it is simply proof that this world has gone or has always been insane.  Secondly, I tell myself that when I get up, I should pack the truck, sell the house and move to the woods.  Apparently the nights rest somehow erases both of these excellent ideas and in the morning, I get up, turn the coffee on, shower and read first my emails, second my facebook and third the news... and then the cycle repeats.  Some of the more vile and ludicrous things I've seen this week are that:  
  • There was an attack on Saudi Security Forces here in the Eastern province about 30k from me.  
    • Some US news sources claim that its Iran backed and not home grown, either way its most likely sectarian violence resulting from other recent Sunni-Shia violence.  
  • The Free Syrian Army is stepping up its resistance/aggression and is now actually targeting the Capital Damascus itself rather than the outlying areas.  
    • Government helicopters have now been firing into the streets.  Baghdad has ordered all Iraqis out of Syria, Syrian defectors have reported that Assad is ready to use chemical weapons, Russia continues to demand that everybody not look in Syria's windows and is blaming Western nations for the increase in violence.  Its gonna get uglier.
  • The USNS Rappahanock fired on a small boat that came within 90 meters of its hull killing a man.  
    • The men claim that they were fired upon without warning and that they were simply coming back from fishing.  I don't buy that personally, but its what they say.  I thought everybody knew that you don't approach an Oil vessel in the Persian/Arabian Gulf off the coast of Dubai in your fast boat...Guess not.  The ship is navy owned, civilian crewed.
  • A UN doctor and his driver were shot and wounded in Karachi, Pakistan.  
    • They were working on a 3 day program with the WHO to vaccinate against polio.
    • While the gunmen are unidentified, the Taliban has recently banned immunizations as undercover intelligence operations as that was the cover for the doctor who reported Osama Bin Laden's position (that Pakistani doctor still remains in prison BTW)
  • Saudi Police are seeking a man and his son in connection with the rape and torture of their Fillipina housekeeper.  
    • The two are on the run, the woman is safe and being cared for by her embassy.  
    • One study reports that as many as 70% of Filipino domestic workers will suffer physical and psychological violence.   (Philippine Committee on Overseas Worker welfare).  They should have nowhere to hide.  Men who rape and torture women (or other men) should have no friends, no allies, no hiding places. 
  •  American Olympic Team uniforms were made in China
    • Just like almost all other American clothes!
  • Gang Violence rages in Chicago Homicides are up 39%and there have been 1200 shootings so far this year.   
    • No surprise there, it is Chicago after all.  New York Homicides are down 17% however.  So congratulations Chicago, you're officially the scummiest place to live!
  • A fugitive murder suspect stole a jet and killed himself.
    • Says a lot about airport and aircraft security
  • Banks have a new policy of not only foreclosing, but of throwing your belongings out with the trash.
    • Want a real revolution in this country (the US)?  This is how you're going to cause it.  If people keep working and paying and believing in the fairy tale, everything will be fine.  However if you start taking away housing en masse, the fairy tale bubble bursts and the result is going to be a whole lot of really pissed off people with nothing to lose. 
    • Called "Lockout-Trashout" its apparently the newest disgusting tactic in the US housing crisis. 
OK, I had more, but seriously I can't stand to write them.  These were some of the ones that really got my attention, but rest assured that there is plenty more murder, mayhem, terrorism, greed, corruption and disgusting example of human behavior where they came from.  Seriously folks, one day I may just disappear.  If I do, just leave me and my dogs alone, were fine, were just in the woods waiting for the worlds worst to kill themselves off.  In the meantime, I guess I'll just keep trying to make my little corner of the world a little nicer, it would be nice if some others would do the same! 

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